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The sport of fly-fishing has endured for thousands of years. Its therapeutic powers are renowned and have been well documented. Cancer has yet to be eradicated. Its destruction to the human spirit is unique to each individual affected, yet understood by all who walk the path to overcome the disease. When the human spirit, combined with courage and faith to overcome cancer, meets up with a river and the chance to fly-fish, well, magic just seems to happen. How do we know that? Many years of experiencing the magic at Reeling and Healing Midwest's retreat programs shows this to be true. Each individual who participates in the Reeling & Healing Midwest Retreat Programs is touched in a way that renews their spirit, their joy, their hope and their view of life.

It truly happens...every single time.

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"I met women who could relate to what I was going through. Suddenly I didn't feel so alone."